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Henry Tenby has been documenting the commercial airline scene for airline publications worldwide since the mid 1980s.

Aircraft Fill Enthusiast’s Every Waking Hour – Henry Tenby in Yellowknife 1992

Henry Tenby has become a regular sight on the rocks behind the Air Tindi float base, where he spends much of his spare time getting pictures of exotic float planes.

by Francis Thompson, Norther News Service, Monday, August 3, 1992 Yellowknife Talking to Henry Tenby is like discovering a new and exotic culture. Tenby is an aviation enthusiast, and airplanes occupy most of his waking life. He works for an airline, builds model airplanes in his spare time, spends his evenings down by the Air […]

Air Canada Retires the Vickers Viscount April 27, 1974 – End of An Era

Trans-Canada Airlines Vickers Viscount on the Winnipeg ramp 1950s.

FLASHBACK 1974: AIR CANADA CAPTAIN J. R. DESMARIAS RECALLS THE AIRLINE’S HISTORY WITH THIS REMARKABLE TURBO-PROP AIRLINER CLICK HERE to read about the Air Canada Vanguard Last Flight The landing of two Air Canada Viscounts at Toronto and Montreal April, 27 marked the retirement of the short-haul aircraft that have been a familiar sight in […]

Amsterdam Aviation Fair 2019 – Pretty Much the World’s Largest Airline Collectibles Show

Welcome to the 2019 Amsterdam Aviation Fair, One of the best airline collectible shows on earth!

CLICK HERE for travel agent display models report from Amsterdam 2019 show For more information about the Amsterdam Aviation Fair please visit their website at (Please see bottom of page for 17 minute full version of the above show video) I had the opportunity to attend the 2019 Amsterdam Aviation Fair, this being their […]

Amsterdam Aviation Fair – Pure Heaven for Airline Display Model Collectors

Amsterdam Aviation Fair - Pure Heaven for Airline Display Model Collectors

CLICK HERE for full report from Amsterdam 2019 show For show information please visit the Amsterdam Aviation Fair website at The second annual Amsterdam Aviation Fair took place at the Van der Valk Hotel Schiphol A4 on Sunday, February 24, 2019. For collectors of travel agent models and aircraft display models, this was an […]

Amsterdam Aviation Fair 2018 Was an Amazing Success! (PHOTO REPORT)

Niels Dam and Henry Tenby give the "thumbs up" to the 2018 Amsterdam Aviation Fair.

I had the great pleasure of attending the 2018 Amsterdam Aviation Fair at the Van der Valk hotel at Schiphol Airport on February 25, 2018. It was truly an amazing success! There were over 200 tables and 1000+ plus attendees which makes it the world’s largest airline collectibles show! It certainly rivals or exceeds the […]

Five engined Boeing 747 BOAC Classic at Zurich Klotten in May 1972

BOAC Boeing 747-136 5 engine ferry into ZRH MAY 1972

Back in the 1960s and 1970s aircraft manufacturers devised special engine pods so that passenger jetliners could easily transport a spare engine between locations, often during the course of a schedule flight. The first generation jetliners including the Boeing 707 and Douglas DC-8 were factory engineered for this special engine carrying capability. Special hard points […]

Hickam AFB Honolulu in 1940s and 1950s Vintage Color Slides Discovered

Looking good! A USAF MATS C-97 Boeing Startocruiser 0694 having just arrived either from the West Coast or the Far East. Here passenger door is open and she rests at Hickam's "Gate No 1" in this period early 1950s kodachrome view.

Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu rose to prominence in public awareness after the Japanese attacked the US military installations at Pearl Harbour and the nearby airfields on Oahu, in the Hawaiian Islands. The attacked occurred on December 7, 1941, a “date which will live in infamy” as famously proclaimed by US President Roosevelt, and […]

Belavia Tupolev Tu-154 Final Phase Out – End of an Era


Airliner World Magazine February, 2017 Story and photos by Henry Tenby For fans of Russian aviation, October 9, 2016 marked a major milestone when the last ever scheduled flight of a Tupolev Tu-154 took place, bringing an end to 44 years of scheduled airline service for the reliable, classic Russian tri-jet. Belarus national airline Belavia […]

JetFlix.TV Streaming Aviation Channel Launches on All Mobile Devices


Vancouver based Henry Tenby has launched the world’s first on demand streaming service for aviation fans, and the new JetFlix.TV platform currently features over 70 full length aviation movies which members can view by paying a low monthly fee, similar to the Netflix business model. According to JetFlix.TV founder Henry Tenby, “our classic airline movies […]