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Aggregation app brings that old seat-back staple “The Airline Inflight Magazine” into the 21st century. The airline inflight magazine was first conceived back in the 1950s and has remained unchanged for the past 60 years. The concept has now been revitalized for the 21st century.

Global travellers and frequent fliers can now download the latest inflight magazines via the brand new Altitude inflight magazines app, which is supported by a diverse group of international airlines and their inflight magazines.

Touted by its creators as a “one-stop mobile travel resource”, the Altitude Inflight Magazines App (available for iOS and Android) provides one-click download access to dozens of inflight magazines for on-the-go reading. Each participating airline’s latest inflight magazine as well as a selection of back issues for the past year are available on the app. Readers can sort magazines by airline name, magazine name, and geographic region, and receive notifications when new issues of their favorite titles are available on the platform.

According to the app’s co-creator Henry Tenby, “the Altitude Inflight Magazines App extends each airline’s most recent travel and destination articles and airline news to an engaged and affluent global readership audience that exists beyond the traditional seat-back pocket. We’re opening it up to a truly global audience.”

Vintage Airline Inflight Magazines

Old Trans-Canada Air Lines and BEA inflight magazines from the 1950s and 1960s.

The traditional airline inflight magazine has roots going all the way back into the 1950s, to the early days of the airline industry. Even back then airlines realized that passengers could be marketed to with interesting travel destination news, via a magazine or multi page all-colour printed brochure. These early inflight publications touted the airlines exciting overseas and holiday destinations which were previously accessible by lesser cost ship or rail.

The airline inflight magazines became more prevalent in the 1960s and 1970s, and by the 1990s and 2000s, pretty much every airline with a fleet of aircraft greater than a handful went to the effort to publish their own inflight magazine. The problem is the inflight magazine medium never evolved with the technology of the internet and digital access of apps. And according to Tenby “the airline inflight magazine lived a quiet existence for the last 60 years and was waiting to be let out of its shell to see the light of possibilities in the 21st century.”

Tenby explained “the inflight magazine sector was essentially ripe for disruption, and by extending the shelf life of this amazing travel content to thousands of new readers for months beyond the historical 30 day lifespan, the Altitude Inflight Magazines App enhances value for airlines and travellers alike.”

Co-creator Niels Dam, from Leeuwarden, Netherlands added “The app promotes an airline’s brand and destinations to potentially millions of global readers who may not yet be passengers, but could very well be in the future. The magic of aggregation and web app global reach.”

Altitude’s launch partner line up includes:
Adria Airways of Slovenia
Air Namibia
Air Vanuatu
Aurigny of the Channel Islands
Azerbaijan Airlines
Lao Airlines
Ukraine International Airlines

Discussions are presently in process with several interested airline partners to join the app. Altitude inflight magazine readers will find hundreds of interesting travel related articles supported by awesome photography, to feed reader interest in going to the best travel spots and luxury holiday destinations.

Altitude app is a Euro-Canadian venture with offices in Vancouver, Canada and Leeuwarden, Netherlands. Although the app is designed specially for tablets at the time of launch, phone and desktop versions will be released very soon.

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