Aircraft Display Model Collector, Investor & Appraisal Guide – First Edition

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Aircraft Display Model Collector, Investor & Appraisal Guide - First Edition

Aircraft Display Model Collector, Investor & Appraisal Guide – First Edition by Henry Tenby

Aircraft Display Model Collector, Investor & Appraisal Guide – 162 pages all colour / First Edition by Henry Tenby:

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Created and printed in Canada, welcome to this, the first essential guide to assist serious collectors and investors interested in expanding their collection of professional aircraft display models. This volume acts as the first ever “blue book” for display model collectors. We explore the most desirable model manufacturers to collect, and which models to avoid. This book is considered as essential reading for all collectors from novices to veterans, before spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on that next aircraft display model, be informed with the latest market information.

What brought about the genesis of this book one might ask. Most other mainstream hobbies have a whole host of value guides that collectors can use to reference values for the items in their collections. Stamps, coins, sports cards, vintage watches, records, almost every collectible range one can think of has its own reference and value guides, some of which are published annually and others not. Why didn’t the aircraft display model collectors have such a price guide?

This conundrum had been something the author lamented for some years, while waiting for someone else to publish such an invaluable reference. It also made sense for those with peripheral interest in the hobby, such as family members wanting to dispose of display models but not having a clue as to what they had, let alone what it was worth. And of course many collectors require bona fide evaluation materials for household insurance covers for their collections. And even insurance companies themselves could use such a guide. For all of these reasons, the author decided enough is enough, and it was high time to put “pen to paper” and get it done.

Aircraft Display Model Collector, Investor & Appraisal Guide - First Edition

Aircraft Display Model Collector, Investor & Appraisal Guide – First Edition by Henry Tenby – Table of Contents

The book explores the main production models, types and scales of all the leading aircraft display model makers over the decades, and offers market values and collecting recommendations on display model brands including: factory house models, DFM models, Verkuyl, Westway, Raise Up, Space Models, Skyland, Fonderia Nucci, Fratelli Cesana, Fomaer, Ditta Ferre. Airplast, Pacmin, Nemoto, Executive Display, Topping, Mecater, Rife, Vogelaar, Fermo, Osgaard, Russian builder models, as well as re-casts by Gary Field, Paul Benn, Henry Tenby, and the uber rarities. Also included in the book is a special section on the famous uber collectors with photo tours of their jaw-dropping collections. There is also a chapter about safeguarding your collection, and parting words of advise from the author.

The book includes input (information and photos) from 19 of the world’s top aircraft display model collectors, which makes this publication truly an international effort, that will prove to be a reliable and trusted source of valuation information for years to come. Whether you are a serious long term collector, a new collector seeking to expand your collection, or an insurance agent or the family member of a collector seeking more information on the topic of travel agent models and their values, this book is for you. The solid advice and safeguard recommendations contained within the pages of this book will prove to far exceed the cover price, not to mention the fact that most collectors will find the content fascinating and worthy of reading over and over again.

Reader Testimonials

“The book arrived & to say it’s a great piece of work is an understatement! WOW! This work of yours is truly AMAZING! I’ve already purchased two books you recommended within your book. Now with your book & these other two, I hope to become even more informed!” – Seth Geller, USA

“What can I say but, WOW !!! I’ve done a quick look see followed up by a more in depth look. It just keeps getting better. I never knew there were so many manufactures of these models. I can’t say that anymore. Mind blowing. I hope this is just the first of many books you write in regards to theses models. I will buy each and every one that comes out.” – Richard Schindler, USA

“Received your books today. I am amazed what you have put together. VERY professionally done. There is nothing like it out there as to collecting aircraft models. You are right in saying “The Best Blue Book for Model Aircraft Collectors.” – Robert Petite, Canada

“To say that I like it very much would truly be an understatement. There’s lots to take in with great info and gorgeous colour.” – Mario Mattarelli, USA

“Today, I received your magnificent book. I am overwhelmed. This is a real piece of art! CONGRATULATIONS!!!” – Jonny Ziemann, Germany

“The book arrived this morning, I can’t put it down!” – Neil Newman, Suffolk, UK

“I just received this book and the pictures are gorgeous and will make you drool!!!!! LOVE this book!!!!!!” – William Curry, USA

“The book landed today. Very well laid out and chock full of information. You have done a huge amount to accomplish this and the cameos on other collectors are great. I very much liked the story about Brian Tompkins.” – Anthony Lawler, Sonoma, USA

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