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Aeroflot TU-104 visit to Vancouver Airshow Sunday June 15, 1958

On Sunday June 15, 1958, Aeroflot TU-104 jetliner CCCP-175445  at the Vancouver airport airshow on Sunday, June 25, 1958. It was here that Boeing's 707 Test Pilot Tex Johnson told the TU-104 what he thought about the aircraft after having had a flight on it that day: "I have a message for the captain. Please tell him that in my twenty-one thousand hours of piloting time, the TU-104 is the sorriest damn airplane I have ever had the misfortune of flying in."

An airshow was held on Sunday June 15, 1958 at Vancouver’s Sea Island Airport as part of the Province’s 100th anniversary celebrations. The race for leadership in the passenger jetliner market was heating up in the late 1950s with numerous aircraft builders bringing brand new jet powered airliners to the forefront. The cold war realities […]

Taking Slides of classic Aeroflot Airliners at Leningrad Airport in April 1974 – By Dr. John Blatherwick

Aeroflot Tupolev Tu-104 CCCP-42416 Lenningrad Airport September 1974

Story and photos by Dr. John Blatherwick In 1974, I was signing a passport for my friend from the navy who was a teacher. He said he was looking for somebody to take a group of grade 10 to 12 students to Moscow and Leningrad over the Spring Break. The person taking them would go […]

Cantonese Delicacies A Field Report by Henry Tenby

Cantonese Delicacies A Field Report by Henry Tenby

Cantonese Delicacies A Field Report and photos by Henry Tenby Airliners Magazine, March-April, 1996 In the mid 1990s when Kai Tak was Hong Kong’s crown jewel airport of the region, it attracted aviation fans and photographers from all over the world to experience the heart-pounding action of the famous checkerboard approach. I made several visits […]