Mahalo ATR-42 Demo Flight to NWT AIR at YZF 1994

Photo taken in flight on the Magalo Air ATR-42 demo flight organized by myself and the manufacturer. I just remember it was fricking cold that day. Dan Murphy, NWZt Air’s General Manager is seated far left. (Henry Tenby photo)

Yellowknife – October 28 1994: ATR42 demonstration flight to NWT Air YZF-YZF, this was a 30 minute air time local flight. The aircraft was being ferried from the ATR factory in France to Mahalo Airlines in Honolulu, Hawaii, so they stopped in to visit us at NWT Air for a demo.

At the time, one of my job responsibilities whilst employed by the airline was aircraft leasing and fleet planning and analysis. I also worked very closely in this capacity with the DFO and the Manager of Dispatch, and the Cargo Manager. I was in regular contact with the folks at ATR and we put this impromptu visit together with somewhat short notice.

Dan Murphy my boss and our General Manager is seated far left. Donna Prouse was the first female pilot at NWT Air. Did she fly for Air Tindi prior to joining NWT Air? Then Wally LeMay. I think that is Ross Drewniak on the right side window. Photos were taken by me.

Mahalo ATR-42 N985MA tech stopped in Yellowknife on October 28, 1994, to give a demo flight to NWT Air staff. (Henry Tenby photo)

View of Latham Island in Yellowknife as viewed during the ATR-42 demo flight. My home was on Latham Island at 40B Otto Drive. (Henry Tenby photo)


That’s the NWT Air hangar at Yellowknife airport as viewed from the Mahalo Air ATT-42. It was a bleak, cold, black and white day that October 28, 1994. You can see some Buffalo Airways planes parked at our facility.

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