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Vancouver’s Vibrant Neon Filled Downtown and Theatre District in Colour Circa 1953-1955

Granville Street Vogue and Orpheum Theatres circa 1954. Granville is Vancouver's busiest and most colourful street, showing the heart of the city's vibrant theatre district, with its numerous neon signs. (Grant-Mann Lithographers LTD "COLOR CARD" division, Vancouver, BC)

I recently stumbled across a small collection of old colour postcards I collected decades ago, depicting Vancouver’s vibrant theatre district of Granville Street and all the neon signed movie theatres of the day. From the movies in the theatre marquis, we can date the views to the period between 1953 and 1955. It really was […]

The Fate of Canadian Pacific Airlines’ Boeing 707 by Henry Tenby

Canadian Pacific Boeing 707 accident Vancouver 1968

The Fate of Canadian Pacific Airlines’ Boeing 707 story by Henry Tenby Airliners Magazine, Summer 1993 In October, 1967, Canadian Pacific Airlines wet leased a Boeing 707-138B from Seattle-based Standard Airways. The aircraft was painted in full CPA colours, and for the most part operated CPA’s scheduled service to Honolulu, and was also seen in […]