Wiking World War II German ID Models with Bob Dros

I recently had the opportunity to visit with the famous Dutch model maker Bob Dros on a recent visit to Amsterdam, as arranged by my friend and fellow model collector Ed Van Rooijen. Whilst visiting with Bob he took time out to show me his amazing and near completed collection of Wiking Models.

These Wiking Models were made by a German toy company in the period of World War Two to help German troops and air force officers easily identify aircraft to separate friend from foe. These Wiking models were made of plastic, which was quite novel for the time as plastic was still in its infancy in terms of use beyond industrial applications.

After the passage of some eighty years since World War Two, these Wiking models have become quite hard to find. Over 150 of these ID models were produced and with so few coming to market, it is extremely difficult to build anything close to a complete collection. But Bob Dros has done just that, and it was no easy task, as he explains in this informative video.

Bob Dros resides in Amsterdam and has been building very detailed high quality models of aircraft in solid perspex. His models are very time consuming projects, and their price reflects their difficulty of construction. Bob’s perspex models can be viewed on his website, and we’d like to thank him for participating in this video.

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