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Great Lakes Airlines – Aircraft Photo History

An absolutely magnificent shot of Great Lakes Convair 440 CF-GLC possibly at London, Ontario in July 1973. This aircraft was acquired from Swissair in December, 1969, and operated with Great Lakes until 1975, and was then parted out in 1976. In this photo it was still in the former Swissair scheme.

Great Lakes Airlines – Aircraft Photo History Photos and Research by Dr. John Blatherwick Great Lakes Airlines was formed to provide executive transport for the Homes-Blunt Company of Sarnia. Most of the traffic was to Toronto and back utilizing light twin engine aircraft. Two DC-3s were purchased in 1967 to supplement the company‚Äôs Cessna 310 […]

A Time for Convairs story and photos by Henry Tenby

Time Air Convair 640

A Time for Convairs Story and photos by Henry Tenby Airliners Magazine, Winter 1989 Back in the late 1980s, Canadian Regional airline Time Air operated a healthy fleet of Convair 580 and 640 aircraft on their western Canadian charter network. These aircraft were based throughout Western Canada and operated an extensive network of seasonal sport […]