Pyongyang DPRK spooky music score played 6am 11 pm

My visit to North Korea in September, 2014, was perhaps the most interesting travel experience of my life.

The trip was a gift to myself in celebration of my 50th birthday in 2014. Our room was on the 21st floor of the government owned Koryo Hotel, in central Pyongyang.

By sleeping with the window cracked open for air, every morning you are gently awoken at 0600 am by a very calming yet spooky melody, that is broadcast on loudspeakers all across Pyongyang, almost so as to remind the population that it is time to wake up. The same score is also broadcast across the city at 11 pm, as a polite way of saying everyone should now be in bed sleeping.

On the last day of my visit, I woke up specially early and readied my video camera the night before so I could film this amazing musical presentation, which only runs for a few minutes in duration. The recording always starts at 0600 am precisely. And if you do not open the hotel room window you’d likely miss it. This music was really a very nice touch, and like the Islamic call to morning prayer, it is a unique experience that can only be enjoyed in the North Korea.