BLOW OUT SALE $4.99 – Istanbul Ataturk International Airport 2007 Part 2 DVD

Istanbul Ataturk International Airport 2007 Part Two DVD


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Merhaba … Hosgeldiniz! Welcome to Istanbul my fellow spotter friend.

The lures of this treasured city are sure to please, as is this city’s amazingly busy airport. This DVD picks up where the Part One DVD left off.

The demonstrator Airbus 380 spent a few days at Istanbul, and during this visit the aircraft conducted a local pleasure flight for VIP invited guests. We weren’t so lucky to be onboard the aircraft, but we were in position at our preferred runway-side filming location to capture the event from the outside.

The A380 is filmed as it departs the gate area and slowly taxied to the departure runway. We filmed the take-off and landing back in Istanbul as well as the taxi back to the parking gate.

We spent several days filming at IST from a fantastic, runway side vantage point to capture the fabulous, non-stop runway action which is presented in this 67 minute Part Two DVD. There was so much good footage we had to split it over two DVDs, so be sure to also check out the Part One DVD.

At the time of our visit in late September of 2007, a number of Russian built airliners were still operating into Istanbul Ataturk Airport. They have since been banned from serving IST, but this DVD includes great footage of the Tajikistan Tupolev Tu154, and the Belavia Tu154. The Kuban Yak42 also performed nicely for our cameras.

Flag carrier THY Turkish Airlines and other Turkish operators mix company with a truly international mix of traffic, making this airfield a spotter’s dream come true. There is plenty of Turkish Airlines A320 and 737 action, as well as A330 and A340 movements, with the occasional A310 movement. The Turkish charter airlines including Onur Air and their MD80s are also very well represented on this DVD.

A dedicated spotter will never grow tired of spending time as Istanbul Ataturk Airport as the traffic is a mix of European and Middle Eastern with excellent representation from the CIS countries and North Africa. This DVD gives the spotter a taste of what to expect when visiting this world-class airfield.

This DVD was produced using compact low environmental impact packaging.

DVD Programs

Chapter 1: Intro
Chapter 2: A380 taxi out
Chapter 3: A380 take-off
Chapter 4: A380 landing & taxi in
Chapter 5: IST action
Chapter 6: IST action
Chapter 7: IST action
Chapter 8: Tajik Tu154
Chapter 9: Kuban Yak42
Chapter 10: IST action
Chapter 11: Belavia Tu154
Chapter 12: DVD Previews

Total running time: 67 minutes

This DVD is available in NTSC region-free format which will work on all current European DVD players.