North Cariboo Flying Service – Aircraft Fleet History

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Photos by Dr. John Blatherwick:

North Cariboo Flying Service dates its history back into the 1970s when a former Finnair Convair 440 was acquired for passenger charter work. The aircraft was a frequent resident at Vancouver and by the early to mid 1980s a Convair 640 was acquired (former PWA aircraft) and even a British Air Ferries Viscount 800 was leased in the mid 1980s for sports team charter work based from Vancouver. During this period two DC-3s were operated along with an Islander. In recent years the airline had acquired their first BAe RJ100 jet, which operates sports team charters and oil patch charters in Western Canada.

SP4613 North Cariboo CV640 C-FPWO YVR April1985

North Caribou CV640 C-FPWO YVR April 1985

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