Frankfurt Aviation Collectibles Show NOV 6 2021 – Show Report by Henry Tenby

On November 6, 2021 – Frankfurt: I was able to attend my first aviation collectibles show since the start of the global pandemic. It took place in Frankfurt, Germany at the Hofheim Stadthale (Community Centre) located just a few steps from the Hofheim Station. In years past the Frankfurt Aviation Collectibles shows were being held for some decades at the sports hall in Schwanheim. The new location in Hofheim is a huge improvement over the old Schwanheim hall for many reasons.

The new Hofheim hall is large, bright and new with a very high ceiling. This means it is very comfortable for the show attendees as there is lots of space in the aisles, and it is not hot and stuffy and not over crowded. It was very pleasant to be inside the hall. And my hope is they will continue to use this hall for all future shows in Frankfurt for coming years.

As a collector of professional aircraft display models the Frankfurt show really fantastic. I was able to purchase some really nice models for my collection as I always do. The stars of the show for display models with the amazing Dutch model collecting brothers Patrick and Ed Van Rooijen. Between the two of them they had probably 100 or more fantastic models for sale to serious collectors, many of which are shown in my video. But there was also a huge selection of safety cards, books, diecast models, stickers, barf bags, uniforms, wings, pins and all sorts of aviation and airline collectibles to satisfy all collector’s needs one can imagine.

For more information about future Frankfurt aviation collectibles fairs visit their website:

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