BLOW OUT SALE $7.99 – Honeywell Boeing 720 Air-to-Air photo shoot DVD

Honeywell Boeing 720 Air-to-Air photo shoot DVD


Product Description

We’re blowing out these classic aviation DVD titles (in large format emory cases) at $7.99 each with $8 flat fee shipping for any quantity ordered (US and Canada only – overseas postage will be additionally invoiced at actual cost.)

Honeywell’s Phoenix-based Boeing 720 N720H has proven to be a reliable engine and avionics test bed for the past twenty years.

In this DVD, you’ll accompany the video crew on Honeywell’s Sabreliner chase plane for a very exciting once-in-a-lifetime ride. We follow the 720 on an actual test-flight over the majestic Grand Canyon between Flagstaff and St. George, Utah.

Our exciting trip starts with the 720’s departure from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, which includes great exterior footage of the 720 filmed from a chase helicopter, as well as flight-deck and footage of the engines at full bore filmed from the cabin windows during take-off.

We then formate with the 720 for nearly fifty minutes of wing-tip to wing-tip flying with the classic Boeing posing over some of the most spectacular scenery in the United States. The DVD concludes with the 720 landing back in Phoenix with chase footage of the approach and touch-down, as well as cockpit and wing views from the cabin. The 720 then taxies back to base and crew de-planes. The 720 footage on this DVD is truly amazing!

DVD Programs
Chapter 1) 720 take-off from Phoenix
Chapter 2) Sabreliner chase plane take-off from Deer Valley Airport
Chapter 3) 720 over Sedona, AZ
Chapter 4) 720 over Grand Canyon (port side)
Chapter 5) 720 over Grand Canyon (port side)
Chapter 6) 720 over Grand Canyon (starboard side)
Chapter 7) 720 over Grand Canyon (port side)
Chapter 8) 720 over South Grand Canyon (starboard side)
Chapter 9) 720 heading towards Mount Humphreys’ snow covered peak (starboard side)
Chapter 10) 720 heading towards Flagstaff (starboard side)
Chapter 11) 720 close up air-to-air footage (starboard side)
Chapter 12) 720 landing at Phoenix
Chapter 13) End credits

Total running time of: 60 minutes
16X9 widescreen format

This DVD is available in NTSC region-free format (which will work on all current European DVD players).