BLOW OUT SALE $7.99 – Golden Age Airlines: 1940s – 1960s sampler DVD

Golden Age Airlines: 1940s - 1960s sampler


Product Description

We’re blowing out these classic aviation DVD titles (in large format emory cases) at $7.99 each with $8 flat fee shipping for any quantity ordered (US and Canada only – overseas postage will be additionally invoiced at actual cost.)

1. Air Transportation (B&W) 1947 (10 minutes)
This late 1940s vocational guidance film outlines the various jobs available to both men and women in the early days of the airline industry. Some very nice Constellation and Douglas propliner footage.

2. The Airport (B&W) 1948 (10 minutes)
This late 1940s program highlights the functions of a typical US airport, including servicing a passenger plane, ticket issuing, baggage and freight handling, weather and tower operation. Highlights include an American Airlines CV240 and United Airlines DC-6.

3. Flying with Arthur Godfrey (color) 1953 (47 minutes)
In this airline history classic, TV Host and pilot Arthur Godfrey takes to the skies aboard an Eastern Airlines Lockheed Constellation to demonstrate airline operations of the day. Lots of color footage of Eastern Constellation as well as Martin 4-0-4!

4. 6.5 Magic Hours (color) 1958 (12 minutes)
Produced by Pan Am during the infancy of the jet age to promote their new Jet Clipper service between New York and London. Explains the benefits modern jet airliner travel. Pan Am inflight 707 footage is the star of the show!

5. Plane Talk (color) 1965 (21 minutes)
This film examines the various forms of communication used in the airline industry of the mid-1960s. Terrific footage of first generation jetliners and airports.

Total running time: 123 minutes

This DVD is available in NTSC region-free format (which will work on all current European DVD players).