BLOW OUT SALE $4.99 – Canadair CT-33 Silver Star In-Cockpit DVD

Canadair CT-33 Silver Star In-Cockpit DVD


Product Description

We’re blowing out these classic aviation DVD titles at $4.99 each with $8 flat fee ship for any quantity ordered (US and Canada only – overseas postage will be additionally invoiced at actual cost).

Strap in for a hell of a ride! Flights on vintage cold war jets are hard to come by, and fortune came our way at the 2013 Abbotsford Airshow, when we had the exclusive opportunity to meet up with Greg Colyer, and his beautifully restored CT-33 Silver Star jet trainer.

The Canadair CT-33 is a built in Canada, license built Lockheed T-33 military jet trainer. In the 1950s air forces all over the world used the sturdy T-33 to train military jet pilots, and of course the aircraft was hugely popular in the US and Canada.

Sacramento based Greg Colyer of operates this beautiful CT-33 on the airship circuit, and in 2013 the aircraft made its first ever visit to the Abbotsford Airshow, where in our opinion, it put on the most impressive flying display of the year.

We placed two cameras on the flight deck, as well as a camera under the belly of the aircraft to film Greg’s flying display giving multiple perspectives of the aerobatic flight display. This DVD presents the complete flight from each of the three cameras, with the original sound capture from each of the cameras.

We also filmed the flying display from chalks to chalks from the ground as well, so this DVD provides the viewer with the complete flying performance of this amazing vintage jet trainer. Viewers might want to be comfortably seated while watching as the upside down horizons and Abbotsford countryside that seems to whizz by left and right, all makes for one of the most unique cockpit DVDs you’ve ever seen. It is nothing like the commercial aircraft cockpit DVDs that follow the same, tedious routines over and over again.

This DVD was produced using compact low environmental impact packaging.

DVD Programs

Chapter 1: CT-33 Intro with Greg Colyer
Chapter 2: Multi-view clip
Chapter 3: CT-33 flight display filmed from ground
Chapter 4: CT-33 flight cockpit cam #1
Chapter 5: CT-33 flight bell cam
Chapter 6: CT-33 cockpit cam #2
Chapter 7: DVD Previews

Total running time: 94 minutes

This DVD is available in NTSC region-free format which will work on all current European DVD players.