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Frankfurt Aviation weekend November 2015 was fantastic. Photo report by Henry Tenby

Alupa airline models of current manufacture on offer at Schwanheim aviation fair 2015. The Interflug models were around 100 EUR each.

The 2015 Frankfurt aviation weekend was a raving success. Like every year, on the first weekend of November we have two large airline conventions in Frankfurt which attract airline buffs from all over Europe, North America and Asia. The airline slide convention organized by Chris Witt is always well attend with slide punters buying, selling […]

Douglas DC-10 Rollout Ceremonies July 23 1970

Douglas DC-10 gold embossed print

The Douglas DC-10 faded into the limelight in 2015, when Bangladesh Biman went down in the airline geek history books for operating the world’s last scheduled passenger flights with Douglas DC-10 aircraft. Some forty five years earlier on July 23, 1970, Douglas staged a gala rollout lunch ceremony for the first DC-10 to a specially […]