WARNING!!! eWeb A1Professionals – AVOID THESE DEVELOPERS they are a NIGHTMARE!!!!!

WARNING!!! Avoid eWeb A1Professionals as they  take money and do not deliverI am writing this post as a warning to anyone who is thinking of using eWeb A1Professionals for website or app development work. It is important that people are aware of what happened to me when I hired these people, as I do not want others to suffer the same fate and misfortune as I experienced.

I contracted with eWeb A1Professionals in August of 2018 to design a very straight forward pdf reader app and was told the project would take 1 month and cost $2200, which I agreed to, along with quarterly instalment payments. All of this was managed via the Guru.com platform.

It is now February 4, 2019 and six months have passed. I released all the quarterly instalment payments as agreed, but they never provided me with source code as the project progressed. All development was done on their own server. In late December they made it look as if they were within days of completion. And they pressured me to release the last instalment payment to them, which I did in good faith.

By January 30, 2019, with zero progress and every day their telling me they would have news for me “tomorrow” or “next week”, I decided to ask for Guru.com to help me in dealing with my project leader, Amarinder Gurna to bring a completion of our delayed project.

The very next day Amarinder advised me his xcode on his computer crashed and all our code for our app was destroyed and lost. Please for them to provide the Android code which was supposedly completed have been completely ignored. So we have reported this horrible experience to Guru.com and they are now making efforts to remove eWeb A1Professionals from their platform.

In conclusion, we paid them the full $2200 as agreed, and after 6 months they delivered absolutely zero to us in return, and completely ignore all our efforts of communication.

As a warning: you risk loss of much time and money if you risk doing business with eWeb A1Professionals. They are unreliable, dishonest, and will only waste your time and cause massive frustration and irritation. All messages to their website are completely ignored as are all messages to our project manager Manpreet Singh. This has been a total disaster for us.