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Mark your calendars: Friday, July 17, 2015 - 10 am Pacific Time

Aviation Fan Supreme Sam Chui: Whether it is his legendary inflight photo sessions from helicopters above the major airports of the world, to his aviation treks to North Korea, Iran, Bangladesh or Somalia in search of airline exotica to capture with the lens of his camera, Sam Chui has amassed a global following among aviation fans far and wide.

Sam's passion for commercial aviation bubbles over in everything he does, giving it 110% from producing eyeball-popping photo books that document his travels, to his popular photo and video feeds on the internet social media websites, to his thirst for seeking out the next greatest aviation exotica destination.

In this exclusive webinar with Sam, we'll ask him about the foundations of his unyielding quest for experiencing new things in the world of airlines, as well as his how he developed his above airport photography skills, and details about his most exotic and interesting off-the-beaten-track world wide travels.

We're sure that Sam will inspire all of us with his enthusiasm, and look forward to this exclusive interview.

Featured Discussions Topics with Sam Chui

  • 707 Flights in Iran

    Sam made several trips to Iran to fly on the Saha Air Boeing 707s on scheduled services, and he’ll tell us all about this amazing trips.

  • Aviation Journey to Pakistan

    Sam spent several days enjoying domestic flights within Pakistan on PIA, including ATR-42 and widebodies. This was quite an experience for an aviation fan, and Sam will share the highlights of this adventure with us.

  • Specialized visits to North Korea

    Sam has made made a few specialized trips into North Korea, to sample the classic Russian aircraft operated by State owned airline Air Koryo. There are plenty of stories to be shared about this amazing country and its friendly people.

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