MODEL COLECTION -Aviodrome Museum Netherlands

By Henry Tenby (Copyright 2020)

Along with my good friend Niels Dam, I recently had the opportunity to visit the fantastic Aviodrome aviation museum in Lelystad in the Netherlands.

Given the Netherlands rich aviation history spanning back over 100 years with both KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and the famous Dutch aircraft builder Fokker, there is no shortage of vintage aircraft display models produced with the country, of which a very good sample is available for public viewing at the Aviodtome museum.

Being a huge collector of aircraft display models myself, I was extremely impressed with their collection. They had a large selection of pre World War II models made by the KLM in house model shop that was maaged by the famous Dutch model maker Hank Modermann. The highwing Fokker type models of the 1920s and 1930s featured wooden wings stained to look like the real planes.

The museum also has a number of nice wood and metal models made by Raise Up and Verkuyl between the 1940s and the 1960s. The highlight model display at the museum has to be the circa 1960 re creation of Amsterdam Schiphol airport in 1/50 scale. The KLM airliner models included in this centrepiece are the DC-3, Convair 340, Vickers Viscount, Lockheed Super Constellation, Lockheed L–188 Electra and Douglas DC-8. These models are all in wood and their accuracy and detail are magnificent. It is believed these masterpiece models were all made by Matthias Verkuyl. They would be unique pieces and I would estimate their values as priceless.