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I contracted with eWeb A1Professionals in August of 2018 to design a very straight forward pdf reader app and was told the project would take 1 month and cost $2200, which I agreed to, along with quarterly instalment payments. All of this was managed via the Guru.com platform.

It is now February 4, 2019 and six months have passed. I released all the quarterly instalment payments as agreed, but they never provided me with source code as the project progressed. All development was done on their own server. In late December they made it look as if they were within days of completion. And they pressured me to release the last instalment payment to them, which I did in good faith.

By January 30, 2019, with zero progress and every day their telling me they would have news for me “tomorrow” or “next week”, I decided to ask for Guru.com to help me in dealing with my project leader, Amarinder Gurna to bring a completion of our delayed project.

The very next day Amarinder advised me his xcode on his computer crashed and all our code for our app was destroyed and lost. Please for them to provide the Android code which was supposedly completed have been completely ignored. So we have reported this horrible experience to Guru.com and they are now making efforts to remove eWeb A1Professionals from their platform.

In conclusion, we paid them the full $2200 as agreed, and after 6 months they delivered absolutely zero to us in return, and completely ignore all our efforts of communication.

As a warning: you risk loss of much time and money if you risk doing business with eWeb A1Professionals. They are unreliable, dishonest, and will only waste your time and cause massive frustration and irritation. All messages to their website are completely ignored as are all messages to our project manager Manpreet Singh. This has been a total disaster for us.

Amazing Visit to the Ancient Ruins at Ephesus Turkey September 2018 https://www.henrytenby.com/amazing-visit-to-the-ancient-ruins-at-ephesus-turkey-september-2018/ Wed, 26 Sep 2018 16:55:18 +0000 https://www.henrytenby.com/?p=5441 REPORT BY HENRY TENBY

In September of 2018, we had pleasure to visit the ancient city of Ephesus in the Izmir Aegean region of Turkey. We did it as a full day trip from Cesme which is where we were staying for our 5 day mini holiday. As we had a rental car it was about an hour and half drive from our hotel in Cesme to the Ephesus visitors parking lot. As it was mid September, it was still plenty hot, probably in the low to mid 30s, but a lot less punishing than mid summer temperatures.

Let me me say that you need to plan a full day trip to visit Ephesus. We arrived around 1100 am, and it was 5 pm by the time we were back in our car heading back to our hotel in Cesme. I should add that we also did a side visit to the nearby Virgin Mary’s home, which was also worth visiting and very interesting.

As for Ephesus, what can I say: it was nothing short of amazing as you can see from the two videos posted below. I have been Pompei, which was also interesting, but the extend of the ruins at Ephesus is far greater than Pompeii, reason being the Pompeii was destroyed in a volcano and Ephesus was not. That said, the extent of the ancient city that you can stroll through is a memory of a lifetime. You can walk on the same cobbled streets thats Mark Anthony and Cleopatra walked on, and a visit to the terraced houses is a must. It costs a few dollars extra and as shown in my video, it as an amazing view of how inhabitants lived in their homes in ancient times some 2000 plus years ago.

The theatre, colosseum and of course the library are major highlights of Ephesus. We really took our time from start to end of our self guided walking tour of the city, and it took us several hours. I would not want to be there with a tight time schedule as you really need the time freedom to enjoy your visit at your total leisure.

In my video I stand to be corrected. I state that ancient Greek inscriptions date from the pre-Roman Greek era pre Chris. This is not correct. Rather, during Roman control of the city 2000 years ago and in the first and second centuries, Ephesus was actually a bilingual city where both Latin and Greek were spoken by the population. And for this reason, we see both Latin and Greek written characters on various ruins of the period. In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Ephesus and look forward to seeing other ancient ruins that Turkey has to offer on both the Aegean region and the Mediterranean region in the coming years.

Visit to Bermuda June 2018 on Celebrity Summit Cruise https://www.henrytenby.com/visit-to-bermuda-june-2018-on-celebrity-summit-cruise/ Wed, 26 Sep 2018 16:23:58 +0000 https://www.henrytenby.com/?p=5432 REPORTED BY HENRY TENBY

During the latter part of June, 2018, we took the Celebrity Summit 10 day cruise to Bermuda and New England, and we had a superb holiday. The video on this page presents our visit to Bermuda. The cruise departed and returned to Bayonne, NJ, which is just across the river from Manhattan so we flew in a few days early to enjoy some time in New York City before the cruise.

For me, our three days in Bermuda was the highlight of the holiday. Bermuda is a very expensive destination, and right now, we are not in a financial position to visit Bermuda as a sole destination for the very reason that it is so costly. The only way we could afford a visit to Bermuda was aboard a cruise ship, which had been on our bucket list for several years.

We basically spent our time in Bermuda exploring the Island. On day one we visited the Northern part of Bermuda enjoying Tobacco Bay Beach, and St. Catherines Beach, of which I much preferred the latter as you will see in the video. And on day two we visit several very beautiful beaches on the east side of the island not too far from the cruise ship terminal at the Royal Docklands. Swimming with Parot Fish was an amazing experience.

The morning of our third day we visited Snorkel Park beach which is right at the Royal Docklands area and a few minutes stroll from the ship, so it made the perfect end to our Bermuda. We spent the morning swimming at Snorkel Beach park we enjoyed it very much, and highly recommend it.

Tenby Family Film in Colour London 1939 – Lionel and Stephen, Fanny and Henry https://www.henrytenby.com/tenby-family-film-in-colour-london-1939-lionel-stephen-fanny-and-henry/ Tue, 13 Mar 2018 19:35:51 +0000 http://www.henrytenby.com/?p=5407 Lionel Tenby and mother Fanny Tenby London 1939This amazing colour kodachrome film is a family treasure and was shot in London circa 1939 by Uncle Sydney.

It opens with toddler Lionel Tenby (my father … born 1932) enjoying a drink and bite to eat in a London park. Followed by feeding of ducks in a pond. This could be Regents Park or Hyde Park.

The second segment is a black and white film that features more of (my father) Lionel and his mother Fanny (my grandmother) and we are introduced to infant Stephen Tenby (my Uncle .. born 1937).

Thus, this portion of film might date from 1937 or 1938. It is a real gem to see my Dad and Uncle’s father Dr. Henry Tenby in his car towards the end of the film. Just fabulous! (This film was uploaded by Henry Tenby, son of Lionel Tenby, and the film is in the possession of Stephen Tenby, who had it digitized).

Henry Tenby 50th Birthday in Las Vegas June 2014 https://www.henrytenby.com/henry-tenby-50th-birthday-in-las-vegas-june-2014/ Tue, 09 Jan 2018 18:37:01 +0000 http://www.henrytenby.com/?p=5258 In June of 2014, I celebrated my 50th birthday in Las Vegas. We stayed the Mirage where we enjoyed very nice time relaxing at the pool. As usual, my breakfast breakfast was at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris casino where we sat at the outdoor sidewalk cafe, which was lovely.

Dr. Lionel Tenby 2014 Retirement from practice https://www.henrytenby.com/dr-lionel-tenby-2014-retirement-from-practice/ https://www.henrytenby.com/dr-lionel-tenby-2014-retirement-from-practice/#respond Tue, 09 Jan 2018 06:06:50 +0000 http://www.henrytenby.com/?p=5253 Dr. Lionel Tenby retirement 2014My father, Dr. Lionel Tenby, retired from over 50 years of family practice in Richmond. BC, Canada in the Spring of 2014. My father made many friends and helped many patients in the community during his years of practice. He very much enjoyed his work as a medical doctor over the decades. I would like to share two videos below, both filmed by me (Henry Tenby … Dr. Tenby’s son) in 2014 to mark my father’s retirement.

The first video was filmed on March 1, 2014, for a special retirement lunch that was held at his office honour his career, and his staff and patients over the years.

The second video is a recording of a special awards ceremony held at RGH Richmond General Hospital in the Spring of 2014 to honour my father’s 50 years of service at the hospital.

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Windstar Breeze Caribbean cruise NOV 2017 video series https://www.henrytenby.com/windstar-breeze-caribbean-cruise-nov-2017-video-series/ https://www.henrytenby.com/windstar-breeze-caribbean-cruise-nov-2017-video-series/#respond Tue, 09 Jan 2018 05:32:58 +0000 http://www.henrytenby.com/?p=5246 (SEE VIDEOS BELOW)

Windstar Breeze Caribbean cruise report by Henry TenbyIn late November 2017, Henry Tenby had the pleasure of going on the Windstar Breeze Caribbean cruise that originated and ended in Barbados. This was our third Windstar cruise and we loved it. The service, staff, food, amenities and everything were just fabulous. It was a wonderful holiday for us and we will look forward to joining another Windstar cruise in the future.

On this particular cruise, it was the first time we were on one of Windstar’s non-sailing powered ships. We were initially curious if it would be up to the same level as Windstar’s sailing ships, and much to our pleasant surprise, all our expectations were met and exceeded by the Windstar Breeze and her wonderful crew.

Our 7-day itinerary was Barbados – St. Vincent – Gaudeloupe – Montserrat – St. Lucia – Pidgeon Island ( St. Lucia) – Grenada – Barbados. We enjoyed each destination immensely and went to the closest beach to the cruise dock at each island. I must say that we were thoroughly impressed and relaxed throughout the whole cruise.

We found the large suites on the ship to be very impressive and relaxing. Actually, all the rooms on the Breeze are “suites” and are larger than average sized cruise ship rooms that you find on standard cruise ships. The upper sun decks were spacious with plenty of chairs and loungers for everyone, and the second to top deck offered shade to those who wanted it. So it was the perfect arrangement for everyone. We just loved the ship. It was such an enjoyment to be on the Windstar Breeze, we look forward to going on her or one of her Windstar sister ships soon. We have to work hard and save to make it happen, but it so well worth it!

I hope you like the 9 videos I produced, which start with a tour of a suite.

https://www.henrytenby.com/windstar-breeze-caribbean-cruise-nov-2017-video-series/feed/ 0
Henry Tenby visit to Barbados June 2014 https://www.henrytenby.com/henry-tenby-visit-to-barbados-june-2014/ https://www.henrytenby.com/henry-tenby-visit-to-barbados-june-2014/#respond Tue, 09 Jan 2018 01:55:17 +0000 http://www.henrytenby.com/?p=5241 In June of 2014, Henry Tenby enjoyed a fabulous visit to the wonderful island of Barbados. The Coconut Court Hotel in Hastings was our home for about a week, where we very much enjoyed the beach at the hotel and nearby Needham Point, as well as the fabulous waters at Carlisle Bay Beach. We also visited the windward side of the Island to the small town of Barthsheba. Barbados is now one of Henry’s most enjoyable places to visit for rest and relaxation. Please enjoy this short video memory:

https://www.henrytenby.com/henry-tenby-visit-to-barbados-june-2014/feed/ 0
Henry Tenby short visit to Sydney Australia March 2014 https://www.henrytenby.com/henry-tenby-short-visit-to-sydney-australia-march-2014/ https://www.henrytenby.com/henry-tenby-short-visit-to-sydney-australia-march-2014/#respond Mon, 08 Jan 2018 23:21:18 +0000 http://www.henrytenby.com/?p=5237 In March of 2014, I was able to make a very short visit to Sydney, Australia. It was a magnificent visit and I got to see Sydney Harbour, Bondi Beach, and other interest sights in the city centre. I hope to return to Australia one day.

https://www.henrytenby.com/henry-tenby-short-visit-to-sydney-australia-march-2014/feed/ 0
Carnival Vista cruise video report (Miami – Grand Turk – La Romana – Aruba – Miami) https://www.henrytenby.com/carnival-vista-cruise-report-miami-grand-turk-la-romana-aruba-miami-june-2017/ Mon, 13 Nov 2017 23:29:22 +0000 http://www.henrytenby.com/?p=5199 Carnival Vista Caribbean cruise report June 2017In June, 2017, we took an 8 day cruise out of Miami on Carnival’s largest ship, Carnival Vista. Our itinerary was set for Miami – Grand Turk – La Romana – Curacao – Aruba – Miami. Unfortunately due to a passing storm our port visit to Curcao was cancelled so we had an extra sea day. The places we did visit along with the ship were documented by JetFlix TV‘s Henry Tenby as presented below.

We were domiciled in alcove balcony room 2373 which was perfect for us. It was fairly low to the ocean which we liked as it minimized movement thus lessening chances for sea sickness.

We ate most of our meals in the dining room which we thoroughly enjoyed, and also visited the a la carte (extra pay) sushi bar and seafood shack on several occasions and both were superb quality and value. The seafood shack served up boiled jumbo prawns for $10 a pound, which were delicious and a good feed for in between meal cravings. And the sushi bar came in very handy for late night meal cravings. The monster chocolate mouse cakes at the coffee shop were unbelievable .. as you’ll see in the videos below. I could only manage to destroy one of these beasts (well .. not exactly ..) on this cruise.

On a few occasions we visited the casino and art auction which were pretty standard Carnival offerings. The one organized tour we did on this cruise was the Catalina Island beach break from La Romana and it was pure magic. Definitely highly recommended if you like relaxing under a palm on a beautiful tropic island beach. Money well spent!

Music played a huge part of this cruise. The cruise Director, Chris the Flying Scotsman is a great theatrical rock singer and does a wide range of music from Scottish classics of various sort, to AC-DC, Journey, and many other current day favourites. Every night there was a musical celebration or show of some sort, and we loved all the live musical shows that we were able to see during our time on board.

All in all we enjoyed the cruise, despite missing out on Curacao. We had hoped the extra day could have been spent in port at Aruba instead of hanging around the ocean doing nothing. But I guess they have certain times and slots at ports etc, but we did not notice other ships hanging around the area. That was our only complaint as we thought the Captain and Carnival management could have made a greater effort to recover from cancelling our visit to Curacao. Even a free drink would have gone a long way and been a nice gesture. Oh well. On with the videos!

Carnival Fascination cruise: Barbados St. Lucia St. Kitts St. Maarten San Juan St. Thomas https://www.henrytenby.com/carnival-fascination-cruise-barbados-st-lucia-st-kitts-st-maarten-san-juan-st-thomas/ Fri, 30 Dec 2016 20:30:58 +0000 http://www.henrytenby.com/?p=4982 Carnival Fasciation: Full Feature 43 Minute Video Trip Report:

We spent a fabulous week on board the Carnival Fascination cruising from Barbados to St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, San Juan, St. Thomas and back to Barbados.

We spent a fabulous week on board the Carnival Fascination cruising from Barbados to St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, San Juan, St. Thomas and back to Barbados.

In June of 2016, we had the pleasure of taking a one week holiday cruise on the Carnival Fascination visiting between the Islands of Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, San Juan and St. Thomas returning back to Barbados.

This was our very first cruise having procrastinated from some time before making the decision to go. For us, it was a fantastic experience in every respect. We were extremely happy with everything. The staff, service, amenities and food on the Carnival Fascination was absolutely fantastic. Ten out of ten. The destinations were safe, interesting, relaxing and wonderful. This is a cruise we would like to do again, but instead of staying aboard for just one week’s rotation, next time we’d like to book two circuits. That’s how good it was.

In addition to the extensive video report below, you might want to also check out our in-depth written trip report. If you end up going on this cruise, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Now … on to the videos!

The very last video is a slide show presentation of our trip.

Pyongyang DPRK spooky music score played 6am 11 pm https://www.henrytenby.com/pyongyang-dprk-spooky-music-score-played-6am-11-pm/ Tue, 06 Jan 2015 04:40:15 +0000 http://www.henrytenby.com/?p=1617 My visit to North Korea in September, 2014, was perhaps the most interesting travel experience of my life.

The trip was a gift to myself in celebration of my 50th birthday in 2014. Our room was on the 21st floor of the government owned Koryo Hotel, in central Pyongyang.

By sleeping with the window cracked open for air, every morning you are gently awoken at 0600 am by a very calming yet spooky melody, that is broadcast on loudspeakers all across Pyongyang, almost so as to remind the population that it is time to wake up. The same score is also broadcast across the city at 11 pm, as a polite way of saying everyone should now be in bed sleeping.

On the last day of my visit, I woke up specially early and readied my video camera the night before so I could film this amazing musical presentation, which only runs for a few minutes in duration. The recording always starts at 0600 am precisely. And if you do not open the hotel room window you’d likely miss it. This music was really a very nice touch, and like the Islamic call to morning prayer, it is a unique experience that can only be enjoyed in the North Korea.