Max Ward letter to Henry Tenby circa 1981

Back in the early ’80s while in high-school, I remember how frustrating it was to find a summer job in the airline industry.

Back then jobs were close to impossible to find, specially if one was young. I was young and mega-keen, and was quite persistent in sending my letters. What did I have to loose! Every summer I tried to find a job at the airport, doing anything, as long as it would put me in close proximity to commercial airliners.

Year after year I would send letters to the local airlines, and year after year I got the same results! At least I tried! My teenage summers were spent scraping, power-washing and painting homes.

But in 1981, I did get a very special “no thanks” letter from none other than Max Ward, Founder and President of Wardair. Much to my surprise, this was not the usual form letter used for rejecting applicants, instead it was a real letter dictated by Max Ward himself, in which he explaining their hiring practices. It is actually quite entertaining to read more than twenty years after it was written! Max Ward’s “have a nice day” letter is presented right here!

Max Ward letter to Henry Tenby

Max Ward letter to Henry Tenby