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Fokker Aircraft Memories DVD
Airline Profile Series Vol. 29 - Limited Edition DVD
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Fokker Aircraft Memories F27 F50 F100 DVD video                                                                    (click below image for larger format) Fokker Aircraft Memories F27 F50 F100 DVD video

These wonderful films capture the pioneering age of Dutch commercial aviation when Anthony Fokker started producing Trimotor transports for the budding airlines of the day. The first part of this DVD presents archival black and white footage of the aircraft built by Fokker between the wars.

In the mid-1950s, Fokker emerged as an industry leader developing the revolutionary and popular Fokker F27 turboprop regional airliner. The design of the Fokker F27 started in the early 1950s as a replacement for the successful DC-3 airliner. Fokker evaluated a number of different configurations before finally deciding on a high wing twin Rolls-Royce Dart engine layout with a pressurised cabin for 28 passengers. The first prototype, registered PH-NIV, first flew on 24 November 1955, and the roll out and first flight of this aircraft is presented in glorious colour on this DVD. Also featured on this DVD is an amazing colour film produced by Fokker in the late 1950s that demonstrates the amazing capabilities of the F-27.

The Fokker 100 design was announced in 1983 as an updated replacement for Fokker's popular, but superseded F28 Fellowship design. Two prototypes were built - the first, PH-MKH, flew for the first time on November 30, 1986, and the second, PH-MKC, followed on February 25, 1987. The type certificate was awarded in November 1987. The first deliveries of the TAY620-15 powered versions started to Swissair in February 1988.This DVD features a promotional video produced by Fokker featuring the F100 in service with Swissair.

Fokker management, notably Frans Swarttouw, decided that an aircraft with aerodynamic and electronic updates from both the Fokker F27 and the Fokker F28 (the short-range twin jet for 85 passengers) was sensible. Design of the Fokker 50 started in 1983, with DLT and Ansett Airlines of Australia being launch customers. Certification of the Fokker 50 (initially known as the Fokker F27 Mk050 or Fokker 50) by the Dutch aviation authority RLD was successfully completed in 1987 after four years of design review and flight testing. First delivery was made to DLT of Germany. Production ended in 1996 after the Fokker Aircraft Company went into liquidation. By the end of the program, 213 Fokker 50s had been produced. This DVD contains unique footage filmed by Henry Tenby of Avianca's Fokker 50 that was delivered through Canada and demonstrated to Time Air and NWT Air by Fokker in November, 1994.

DVD Programs
Chapter 1) Fokker Early Years 1920s - 1940s (B&W Dutch 18 min)
This clip shows early archival films of Fokker's early transport passenger planes including the Fokker F.VIIa/3m trimotor from 1926, the Fokker F.VIII, the Fokker F.XII from 1932, the Fokker F.XXXVI from 1934, and the Fokker S.11 trainer from 1949.

Chapter 2) Fokker 27 Design and Construction (colour Dutch 5 min)
This clip opens with the F27 Chief Designer (name unknown) meeting with senior Fokker executives presenting scale models of the new F27 airliner. As a side note, model collectors will be interested to know that the models shown in this clip were produced by the famous Dutch aircraft modelmaker Matthijs Verkuyl of Badhoevedorp, whose metal scale models are now very collectible. The very first F27 airframe PH-NIV is shown during assembly and painting.

Chapter 3) Fokker 27 Roll Out and First Flight (colour Dutch 5 min)
In this promo film from 1955, the first F27 PH-NIV is rolled out of the factory. Passengers are boarded from Schiphol's 1950s terminal building and we see the original interior configuration of the F27. The aircraft then departs Schiphol for some air-to-air filming.

Chapter 4) Fokker 27 Test Flight (colour Dutch 13 min)
Fokker's F27 Chief Designer takes the third production F27 PH-NVF for a test flight to demonstrate her ability to fly on one engine. Fabulous cockpit and exterior footage filmed with cine camera mounted on the aircraft's tail. Superb air-to-air footage as well single engine take-offs and single engine approaches.

Chapter 5) Fokker in the 1980s (colour 9 min)

Chapter 6) Fokker 100 promo film circa 1987 (colour English 14 min)

Chapter 7) Avianca Fokker 50 air-to-air Calgary NOV 27/94 (4 min)
While Avianca Fokker 50 PH-MXJ was being delivered from Holland to Bogota, Fokker used the opportunity to demonstrate the brand new aircraft to Time Air in Calgary. On November 27, 1994, Fokker launched the Fokker 50 for a scenic demo flight over a very cold and wintery Calgary with Time Air employees on board. Henry Tenby and Tony Hickey chartered Mountain Air's Seneca C-GRFE as a chase plane for a 40 minute air-to-air photo shoot. Although it was very turbulent, some of the air-to-air shoot was filmed by Henry Tenby which is presented here for historical record.

Avianca Fokker 50 Yellowknife-Koala demo flight NOV 28/94 (38 min)
After the Calgary demo flight, the Fokker 50 positioned up to Yellowknife that same day. On Monday, November 28, 1994, the aircraft performed a demo flight for NWT Air and flew a group of employees from Yellowknife up to BHP's diamond exploration base camp and airstrip at Koala, situated some 50 minutes air time north of Yellowknife. Fokker was keen to demonstrate the aircraft in cold weather conditions. BHP personnel were also invited along for the flight, along with an Air Tindi pilot (Robbie) to provide visual assistance at Koala. NWT Air Boeing 737 Captain Bob Bowman was in the left seat for the entire flight.

Chapter 8) Before departure
Chapter 9) Starting engines
Chapter 10) Take-off from Yellowknife
Chapter 11) Inflight to Koala
Chapter 12) Landing Koala
Chapter 13) Take-off at Koala
Chapter 14) Inflight to Yellowknife
Chapter 15) Landing at Yellowknife
Chapter 16) DVD Previews

Total running time: 107 minutes

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Customer comments:

The Fokker DVD was of great interest. I worked for the New Zealand Civil Aviation Deptment as a Test Pilot for part of 1968, before I joined the US Navy. All the pilots were required to get ratings on all CAA aircraft and I got an F27 rating as the CAA used two F27s for calibration work. All together an excellent DVD with enough cockpit views showing F27 instrumentation to keep an ex-pilot happy. I was not aware that Fokker produced a fighter jet that looked very like an F-86 Sabre from the little we saw of it. The S-14 Machtrainer was a two seat trainer with a Rolls Royce Derwent 8 engine. Only 21 were built which served in the Dutch Air Force from 1955 untill 1967. For this DVD you score a 10/10.
Pita Kenan, Hamilton, New Zealand

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