DC-8 Charter - Last Chance to Fly on a DC-8: CUT-OFF DATE APRIL 5/13

One of the world's last DC-8-62 passenger aircraft, a combi operated by ATI, will be retired shortly. An opportunity may exist to operate last-ever enthusiast flight on this aircraft, and I am now putting out the word very quickly to gauge the level of serious interest.

The flight would operate from Sacramento, most likely departing in the morning, flying to Las Vegas, and returning the same day. The approximate cost would be in the region of $1500 per seat.

As the aircraft is a combi with seats in the rear cabin only with five rows, the charter could only accommodate 22 passengers, with two people per row, which makes the cost expensive. The idea would be that one person would get the window on the outbound flight, with the other person would get the window on the return. And remember, not all rows line up perfectly with a window.

At this point no date has been set. It could happen on short notice between now and early July. I would like to hear from you only if you are 90% interested in attending, irregardless of when this happens. If you have possible date conflicts, then please do not respond. Your calendar has to be completely open between now and early July for me to put your name on the short list of 22 people.

Also, this will require 100% pre-payment for the flight, once we set a date. If you can't make it on time to Sacramento, then you will forfeit the entire payment. Also, there is a chance we could all get to Sacramento and the aircraft could be unserviceable or delayed, so people have to be open to the possibility of a delay, and/or cancellation. Payments will be refunded in full if it is cancelled, but there would be no liability for travel expenses to/from Sacramento.

If I am able to assemble a list of 22 people who are 90% sure they can commit to this, the next step will be to explore possible dates with the aircraft owner. I need to hear from at least 22 people by Friday, April 5 to see if this is viable or not. If you are interested, and are in agreement with the terms presented above, just send me an email at [email protected] with the word "yes" .. nothing more... as I cannot answer any more questions or provide more info at this time. It would be a fun day, and a unique last-ever chance to fly on a JT3 powered DC-8.

Henry Tenby
AirlineHobby.com DVDs
Vancouver, Canada

email: [email protected]